Why should I hire an image consultant?

Let’s be honest, people critique you by your appearance.  How well put together are you? Your ensemble can impact your self confidence.  Working with Madison & 5th we can help your job advancement, and create a positive image by channeling your personal style.  We will emphasize and accentuate your figure type.  Most of all you will learn how to brand yourself.  



Can I really afford an image consultant? I’m on a budget, are Madison & 5th’s services cost effective?

Think you cannot afford our services?  Think again!  Consider all of the gently worn clothing in your wardrobe.  Maybe you are a repeat buyer.  When you take into account the amount of money you spend on new clothes, or all of the money wasted on unworn clothes, it is more cost efficient to make use of unworn clothing and learn how to build a more useful and productive wardrobe.  When you are knowledgeable about what works best for you and how to shop, you will build a much more useful wardrobe.  



How much time before I see improvement in my image?

After a meeting with Madison & 5th you will see immediate results.  We will give you the necessary information and guidelines to enhance your appearance.  But it is up to you to shake bad habits and incorporate new ones.



I am re-entering the workforce, or I was just recently promoted. How will an image consultant help me in the workplace?

Honestly speaking, people tend to determine how competent you are in seconds based on your appearance.  Do you come across as neat, responsible, and clean, or sloppy and careless?  Madison & 5th can direct you on appropriate attire to wear.  Maybe you have a new leadership position at work? Or up for a promotion.  How you present yourself can set you apart from the competition.  



I don’t think I can afford image consulting, but I would like direction. What are some options?

Before starting we will consult with you about your current buying habits.  A closet full of unworn clothes or continuously buying the same clothing is ultimately a waste of money.  We will teach you how to shop more efficiently.  We have a variety of services depending on your needs, hourly and daily rates.  Maybe even consider a party.



What makes Madison &5th excellent wardrobe consultants?

Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible.  We listen to your needs and concerns to create your exclusive style personality.  We will be honest and have your best interest in mind regarding your wardrobe needs.  



Am I going to have to get rid of all of my clothes, and buy new clothes?

Our goal is to educate you on what to buy.  We will initially work with the clothing options you have and gradually incorporate new items.  We will work within your budget to create the best looks from the pieces you have. 



Are you going to force me to "dress my age?"

Being stylish and fashionable is possible at any age.  We will work with you to incorporate the current trends in age appropriate ways.  Every age and every person have fantastic traits they should accentuate.  Our objective is to concentrate on those and help our clients show it off.