"Do you juggle multiple responsibilities while trying to keep yourself looking and feeling your best? Well, as a business owner, single mom, and active civic volunteer, I constantly look for better ways to organize my time and resources. I have client-facing work, moderate travel, and a rigorous exercise regimen. I need my wardrobe to reflect my brand and lifestyle. I know what I like, but don’t always have a plan when shopping or going to my closet. So, I tend to “re-buy” (the same or similar things) and create the need to add more pieces to round out my wardrobe.

Enter Shevare’ Perry of Madison & 5th ! I've worked with Shevare’ several times, spanning multiple seasons. Her knowledge, professionalism, global lens, and service orientation provided me with a pleasant, convenient, and delightful experience-in the comfort of my own home.

I printed out my calendar for several months, handed it to Shevare‘, and then she went to work. Coordinating numerous outfits I already had with accessories I’d forgotten about. With several upcoming business trips, and my goal of one carry-on bag, she incorporated several outfits I can work with, eliminating the over packing I tend to do. She also sent me my own “look book” with color photos of each outfit, their description, and a wish list of things to consider for future shopping.

I can’t say enough about the value of working with Shevare’ to maximize what I already have, and look at my wardrobe with a new set of eyes. It’s also incredibly fun! I’ll call her again later in the year to get me ready for Fall and Winter."  Karen O. Drake, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Organizational Development Consultant & Executive Coach​​​​